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 Avoid Gimmick

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New Talent

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PostSubject: Avoid Gimmick   Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:48 pm

Name: Avoid

Age: 19

Build: Speed

Level: 4

Fans: 14

Height: 187

Weight: 85

Heel/Face: Face

Hometown: Copenhagen

Tag Team: N/A

Favorite Match Type: Ladder Match

Nickname: N/A

Music: Bon Jovi - It's My Life


Picture: N/A

Background Story: In his teenage years, Avoid was the kid that you did't went to know, his was the kid that always was on last place, in every bod's friendlist.
In a age of 16, Avoid found the sport "Pro Wrestling", and was fascinated about, how these men threw each other around.
The very next day Avoid began lifting weights.
Because Avoid was good at gymnastics, he thought that the kind of wrestler that would fit best for him, was a "High Flyer". He then began train his speed and flexibility.
But because "Pro Wrestling" wasen't known in his own country (Denmark), he moved to his uncle in USA, where "Pro Wrestling", was a part of the main day.
Now Avoid, seeking the world of "Pro Wrestling", to found dream job of his life.
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Avoid Gimmick
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