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New Talent
New Talent

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PostSubject: Underjuany   Underjuany I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 06, 2010 1:21 am

Name: Underjuany
Age: 29
Build: Balance
Level: 10
Fans: 61
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 232 lbs
Heel/Face: depends of how many are of each, but for now Heel
Hometown: Iquique, Chile
Tag Team: None
Favorite Match Type: Hardcore
Nickname: Juany, The One under Himself, The Nirvana of Wrestling

Music & Video:

Picture: Underjuany Images10[/url]

Background Story:
Growing up in a place where wrestling was only on Tv is hard for a lover of the sport. Juany learn that young. But the dream of becoming a Pro wrestler was to big to be stop by anything or anyone.
His first steps into wrestling were learning how to take bump in the sand of the beatch until he graduated from high school. He work hard to earn money so he could travel the world and lear his craft.
at 19 he say goodbye to his parent to start writing the legend he hopes one day he will be.
wrestling around the world, sometime only for food, he perfectioned his skills waiting for the chance of his breakthrought to the big ones.

And the day has come in ASWS, where he can start telling the story of the best who ever live, a modern day wrestling god in human form, the one who will show you the light
The Nirvana of Wrestling

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