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 a foaming squirrel

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a foaming squirrel
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New Talent

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PostSubject: a foaming squirrel   Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:56 pm

Name: a foaming squirrel
Age: 18
Build: Resistance
Level: 6
Fans: 26
Height: 1 foot tall
Weight: 15 lbs
Heel/Face: Heel
Hometown: Sequoia National Park
Tag Team: Pirate
Favorite Match Type: Iron Man
Nickname: Rabid Beast
Background Story: He was just a happy squirrel living his life in a nice national park, when one day, he was attack by a chipmunk with rabies. He was able to fight off the chipmunk, but not before he was bit. He then decided to leave the park, shamed by his new found case of rabies. He went to the streets, where he felt more at home now with thugs and thieves. Found by Dr. Spaceman while roaming around the streets, he took him in and decided to do medical experiments on him. Under the cloak of medical science, Dr. Spaceman was able to increase his strength and resistance up to unimaginable heights. With his patients new found abilities, he decided there was only one option, put him in the ring.
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a foaming squirrel
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