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New Talent
New Talent

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PostSubject: DragonFist   Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:30 pm

Real Name: Unknown Stage Name: Whatever the crowd throws at him

Age: 27

Build: Technique

Level: 11
Fans: 46
Height: 6"2
Weight: 16stone
Heel/Face: Face

Hometown: Only he knows

Tag Team: Team Xtreme
Favorite Match Type: Anyone he wins
Nickname: Dragonfist, The massicist, Dragon
Music: I need air - Magnetic Man
Video: N/A
Picture: N/A

Background Story: There is not much to say on the 'real' background of "DragonFist".. He is one of the wrestling phenomenons of the 21st century. He was bred for the sport. Dragon is infact not his real name, it was the name that the crowds gave him the first time he set his foot in the ring, he doesn't know how to lose, he only wins. He has never revealed his past, he has no apparent family and only gives a story to gain attention, maybe he is building the press up little by little, his ego seems to grow over night. As a child he claimed to kill a monkey in a jungle, its stories like these that reduce the credibility of this wrestler, but it still brings in the fans. Last week he broke a man's legs in the ring, he now has a suspension among other criminal offences but the people still love him, which is why this mysterious wrestler is one to watch out for. If he's got the media good or bad, ifs he's got the crowds cheering or jeering he'll always be back for more. He is the audacious-egotistical man suspected from some state in America, even though his accent changes every week. In his last press interview the cocky wrestler said, "I am the greatest fighter in the world."... We'll soon find out.
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