One of the newest S.3 federations.ASWS is owned by madmike34455
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 ASWS staff.

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PostSubject: ASWS staff.    ASWS staff.  I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 9:33 pm

Face Announcer: Chris Buban

He is a good man who pays attention to detail, thinks hes hot, and disses the heels.
Heel Announcer: John Quiin

John is a stuck up dude who hates everything the faces do. He calls the fans fat idiots, and always argues with Chris Buban.

Interviewer: Sabrina Chon

A hot asian girl who is smart, sexy, and manipulative. She can trick her way in or out of any situation.

Interviewer: Ryan Skas

Ryan is a short, normal weight guy who does his job and thats it. He rarely laughs and almost never smiles. Although he is great at his job, he can get scary.

Ring Announcer: Paul Kidney

Paul is a short overweight guy with a deep voice. He tried to be a cook, but ate all the food he made so didnt make it. After trying many different jobs, he finally ended up as ASWS's ring announcer.
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ASWS staff.
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