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 Machiners Challenge

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PostSubject: Machiners Challenge   Machiners Challenge I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 10:38 am

*Cameras back focus to the ring where seems to be anyone……….. suddenly came some round explosions while the War Machine´s Theme sounds loudly: You put your foot to the floor, Don't need no more, You've been diggin' all around, When you're messin' about” *

*Then, the crowd can see the metallic figure of Machiner standing in the center of the ring, just when he raises his hand into the air, the music stops*

Machiner: Hey men what is gonna happening here?, I have been waiting so long for a macth in the ASWS Shows and nobody challenges me?....... I have lost all my patience, so if there is anyone there who thinks could defeats me, here is your opportunity to do…….

*Waiting for some seconds he adds*

Machiner: Or all of you are as coward as I think?.

*The crowds boos again while the music continues again a little bit louder: “Better catch her name, come on in, Gimme that thing that thing gone wild, War Machine WAR MACHINE *, meanwhile next to the commentators corner Madmike stands smiling as he thinks: You ´re surely gonna have your match, friend.
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Machiners Challenge
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