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 Deliverance Promo (PPV)

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New Talent
New Talent

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PostSubject: Deliverance Promo (PPV)   Deliverance Promo (PPV) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 4:30 pm

Deliverance theme blast the arena and the crowd pop.
Underjuany & Crazy Stattz get into the ring.

Underjuany: Let me welcome all of you to the first ever ASWS PPV!!!

*the crowd goes nut

Crazy Stattz: But what will be a ppv without the most entertainment and high risk taking tag team in all the world??!

Underjuany: But there is a thing that is missing us. We want to be the best, we know we can be the best but without one thing we could never call ourself the best. And that´s the ASWS Tag Team Title

Crazy Stattz: And we know who are the one to beat. So Zack and Razor come out here and lets give our fans the 5 stars match of the night for the ASWS tag Championship

Underjuany: Cause we´re Deliverance and we will set you

Crazy Stattz: ... FREE

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Zack Williams
Zack Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Deliverance Promo (PPV)   Deliverance Promo (PPV) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 9:53 pm

*Zack Williams music blasts throughout the arena as he and Razor Ramon make their way out onto the stage, with microphones in hand.*

Zack: "What?....That's it?! We take out one of Mike's camera guys and as a punishment, he sends out you two clowns as our opponents for the Tag Team Titles. You know what, Razor? I think we must have actually done him a favour. For him to and me, take on the 'high risk' tag team, Mike is practically handing us the titles."

Razor: "Zico! You can't say that!"

Zack: "Why not?"

Razor: "Well isn't it obvious? We are the only good tag team in this federation but this is ASWS's first PPV and Mike wants to make as much money as he can! So he needs us to compete in order to do that. He's putting us against these Chico's just so he can get Zico's and Tha Bad Guy's name on the card."

Zack: "Ah I get it now. Sorry for ruining your plan Mike. But I guess there is one thing that you clowns said is true."

Underjuany: "You mean, that we are going to set you free?"

ZacK: "Psch! Set us free? Haha, boys. Once we win those Titles, Razor and I are going out on the town and setting ourselves free."

Razor: "Zico, I think you meant to say letting ourselves loose."

Zack: "Ah, thank you Razor, we wouldn't want anyone thinking we were doing anything but painting the town red tonight."

Razor: "What does that even mean?"

Zack: "No idea. Just another one of those things I've heard people say--"

Crazy Stattz: "Hey! You two are talking like you've already won the titles! I hate to disappoint you both but you have to go through us to win those Titles!"

Razor: "Did you hear that, Zico?"

Zack: "I did, Razor....Crazy Clown, you seem to be contradicting yourself."

Crazy Stattz: "What are you talking about?"

Zack: "Well before we made our way out here, you said that Razor and I are the team to beat. Now you are saying we have to go through you to be champions...I don't think so."

Razor: "You are obviously not confident in your abilities as a team if you think we are the best team when we don't even have the titles around our waist's yet, Chico."

Zack: "Well, Razor, it's a hard thing to deal with when you can't put all your trust into your partner."

Underjuany: "Both of you shut your mouths! Crazy, listen to me. We are are a great team and we can take on anyone put in front of us, including these jerks!"

*Crazy Stattz remains silent as Underjuany is continues to plead to his partner.*

Underjuany: "Come on, man. You can't honestly tell me that you are letting these two get to you."

Crazy Stattz: "What?! No! Sorry, I just got lost in my thoughts of how many ways we could hurt these two with our high risk manoeuvres!."

*Crazy Stattz and Underjuany shake hands and start prompting for Razor Ramon and Zack Williams to make their way to the ring.*

Razor: "Isn't that touching, Zico?"

Zack: "I know but they're right."

Razor: "What do you mean?"

Zack: "They are a high risk team, that uses high risk manoeuvres. And I have a feeling that tonight they're going to take the biggest risk of their careers...By getting in the ring with us."

*Zack Williams and Razor Ramon drop their microphones and make their way to the ring where Underjuany and Crazy Stattz are eagerly waiting.*

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Deliverance Promo (PPV)
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