One of the newest S.3 federations.ASWS is owned by madmike34455
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 Razor & Zack prt. 2

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Razor Ramon
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New Talent
Razor Ramon

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Razor & Zack prt. 2 Empty
PostSubject: Razor & Zack prt. 2   Razor & Zack prt. 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 6:46 am

MadMike, if you are not agreeing with the content change it or say smth.

*The fans are waiting for the action to continue when Razor Ramons entrance music hits. The fans boo loudly while Razor Ramon and Zack Williams come out to the ring, dragging the camera man they attacked moments before.*

Chris Buban: What tha...?! What are they doing? Can someone stop them, please?!

*Razor Ramon moves the poor guy into the ring, grabs a mic and goes up the ring, too.
With a toothpick in his mouth but without any smile on his face he stares at the crowd.*

*Razor Ramon waits some secounds then finally says...*

Razor Ramon: Hey, yo!! Tha bad guys are in tha house.

*The fans boo loudly*

Razor Ramon: SHUT UP, FATSOS!! I got enough of you! I got enough of this show!

*The fans boo as loud as they can*

Zack Williams: Calm down, Chico! Calm down! Well, what my partner is trying to tell you is...we are sick of being held back. We are the simply the best tag team in this company but we are not your champs. Now, guess what! We NEVER got the chance, to become the ASWS Tag Team Champions!

Razor Ramon: We are the most talented team here in ASWS, but we are ignored? GM, how about doing your damn job and get your ass outta here and give us what we deserve, finally! I`m tired of knocking at anybodies door and check it out, we are DEMANDING this title shot!

*Both competitors wait a moment for MadMike to come. Nothing happens, and Razor Ramon put the camera mans head between his legs preparing tha Razors Edge.*

Razor Ramon: You think we are kidding?! Guess what, Chico: this show will not continue until you come out here and give us what we deserve!

*Razor Ramon lifts the poor guy up and powerbombs him on the mat, executing a Razors Edge.*

*The fans wont stop booing them out*

*Suddenly MadMikes entrance music hits and the GM of ASWS appears.*

Chris Buban: FINALLY! Please stop this mayhem!

John Quiin: Oh, I`m really excited what MadMike will decide!

*MadMike standing up the ramp with a mic in his hands...*

MadMike: Well, guess what, Chico! You can not come out here, beating up my employees and blackmail me! But, I got your point.. you are indeed one of the most talented tag teams here in are also two bigmouths! So, you want a shot at the Tag Titles? You got it! Prepare yourself, you got a match tonight! And I promise you, your opponents will be prepared.

*While the fans cheer and MadMike leaves, Razor Ramon and Zack Williams start to smile.*

Chris Buban: What?! Those bullies get what they want? I..I can`t believe that...

John Quiin: Very good solution, Chris! Very good solution! Our GM did know what the right thing was to do. Come on, Chris, they deserve this title shot! And I guess we can be sure that MadMike got something in his back pocket for them...
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Razor & Zack prt. 2
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