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 Mike The Greek challenges Madmike to a champion versus champion non-title match.

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Mike The Greek
Mike The Greek

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PostSubject: Mike The Greek challenges Madmike to a champion versus champion non-title match.   Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:38 am

(I moved that rp from FASD to ASWS)

*A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler's greatest victories and most powerful moves
Suddenly high flames light on, as though the Tron was set to fire!
Mike the Greek makes his way to the ring,a light shines over him on the ring.Mike The Greek enters the ring with the X-Treme title on his waist.Crowd cheers for MTG's victory at Sunday.Mike The Greek asks for a microphone*

Mike The Greek:I told you i wouldn't let you down.I told you i was going to get a title.So,now i want to prove it to everyone.I want to challenge someone you all love and cheer for him in the whole ASWS.I want a champion versus champion match against...Madmike.Of course it will be a non-title match.I don't want him to lose his title.See?I'm a good guy too.

*Crows boos*

Mike The Greek:Why?You want title match?That's not going to happen.All i ask is,Madmike.So simple.

*Mike The Greek awaits for GM Madmike to come to the stage.Suddenly,his music is starting to play.Crowd cheers at they see the TV Champion making his way to the ring.*

Madmike:So you, a simple wrestler...

Mike The Greek:A champion...

Madmike:Okay,a champion.You challenge me to a match here tonight?Wait a minute wait a minute!Why i should have a match with you and not with someone else?Come on,give me a good reason!

Mike The Greek:Is it so bad to challenge someone for a non-title match,cause i would surely beat you,to know my opponents better?

Madmike:Okay okay.If you want a simple match,you're gonna have it.But don't be so confident with your self,cause i'm better than you!

*Crowd cheers for the ASWS GM.Mike The Greek is laughing at Madmike,cause he accepted his challenge.Madmike leaves the ring,but MTG stays to say 2 more words to the crowd.*

Mike The Greek:You cheer at him?Wait for our match first,and then decide to who you'll be cheering!

*Crowd boos.Mike The Greek drops the microphone and leaves the ring.Camera fades.*
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Mike The Greek challenges Madmike to a champion versus champion non-title match.
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