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 Twisted Metal

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PostSubject: Twisted Metal   Twisted Metal I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 8:26 am

Name: Twisted Metal

Age: 28

Build: Resistance

Level: 15

Fans: 88

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 350lbs

Heel/Face: Heel

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Tag Team: Twisted Chips

Favorite Match Type: LMS

Nickname: Psycho / Killer Clown

Music: ICP 'What is a Juggalo'

Twisted Metal Twistmetalblack

Background Story: When he was a wreckless youth, Twisted was fleeing the scene of a recent bank job. While in flight, he was stopped by a group of do gooders who wished to return the recently aquired loot back to the corrupt establishment. Not about to let anyone stand in his way, TM grabbed the nearest hard object and commenced to playing Babe Ruth on some skulls. One beaten and battered chump, pulled a vial of acid out of his pocket and flung it in the face of TM and scarred him for life. This threw Twisted into a depression as he fought to rediscover hisself. Then, while watching old wrestling footage, he was enraptured by a man called Doink and the clown outfit that he was wearing. Twisted took to the back allys and bar rooms to learn the ancient art of the Luchador. He is still training to this day and is slowly making a name for hisself and his clown paint. Recently aquired by ASWS, he has a job to do and woe to those that get in his way for this killer clown makes shapes out of people, not balloons.
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Twisted Metal
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