One of the newest S.3 federations.ASWS is owned by madmike34455
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 Zack and Razor

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Razor Ramon
New Talent
New Talent
Razor Ramon

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PostSubject: Zack and Razor   Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:12 pm

*the crowd boo`s loudly while Zack Williams and Tha Bad Guy standing in the ring waiting for silence. After awhile Razor Ramon leans at the ropes, his toothpick in his mouth, smiling with a decent look on his face.*

Razor Ramon: Hey yo!

The crowd boo`s rigorously

Razor Ramon: Whoa, Zico, just look at those fans! I know, you are excited to see Zico and tha bad guy, but I had no idea...

Razor Ramon: Ok, it`s business time! Well, fatsos, I got a newsflash for ya! We are the team of Razor Ramon and Zack Williams. We are your future ASWS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

*the crowd looking not to happy with this statement*

Razor Ramon: And guess what! As I see this, there are no really tag champs around in the yard, so like it or not, but it`s our fate to step up and take whats ours! Nothing is worst for a company like ASWS than void. Spots have to be filled and we are exactly what ASWS needs right now, a solid and vicious team withe the aim to fill the emptiness of such incapable dumbags, who tried to built a legacy. They failed...and we...we gonna succeed.

Zack Williams: GM! Hey, GM!! You wanna rise this company? Then go ahead, and make the right decision.

*Zack Williams pointing at Razor Ramon and himself in a provocative way*

Zack Williams: Give those upcoming superstars the chance they deserve, give those fans what they want! Give us our opportunity, and we promise all of you, we will become those able to carry companies on their shoulders.

Razor Ramon: Come on, Mike, it`s time for you to cash in!

*Everyone in the building awaits the GM MadMike to come, suddenly Jason Molen`s entrance music hits. The fans cheer loudly, while he walks to the ring, looking really hurt. You see the pain in his face, after the vicious attack from his TagTeam partner, last week. But Jason Molen is in no hesitation to confront Razor Ramon and Zack Williams.*

Jason Molen: Big words, from big clowns! We all laughed a much, but know it`s time for you to go, do you understand? You`re right Jeremy stabbed me in the back. He broke up the team of the ASWS Tag Team Champions. But, I never lost that title, so if you think you can overcome me to reach the! You think you can make a name for yourselves at my expense? First, you have to go through me!

*Jason stands outside the ring, proudly, ready to stand his ground.*

Zack Williams: Are you kidding?? You are challenging US for a fight? Jeremy must have hurt you more worst than everyone thought.

*Razor Ramon smiling brightly pointing with his finger at Jason Molen*

Razor Ramon: Chico! Damn, you are great. I like you! Zico, that guy got nuts, hahaha! Ok, chico. You got yourself into big trouble!! Let`s see how good you are!

I will continue when I know what will be booked, and whats about the tag titles.
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Zack Williams
Zack Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Zack and Razor   Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:13 pm

i think jason was the one that stabbed jeremy in the back

and we may be able to create a handicap match by having real matches in TWG, copying them, then pasting them on here. Then just add bits and pieces to a scheduled match in a show
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PostSubject: Re: Zack and Razor   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:41 am

If you guys can edit the part with Jason I will try and put it in this Sunday's show. Jason did attack Jeremy, but Jeremy isn't in the fed anymore so you can't mention him. So I don't know.
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PostSubject: wait 1 minute   Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:53 am

wait i will be back in the fed in a little while so i'll be back to keep my tag title just say i have a head injury for like 3 weeks
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PostSubject: Re: Zack and Razor   

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Zack and Razor
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